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    How To Suck At Facebook - The Passive Aggressor - They Post Well-Rehearsed Retorts Without Mentioning Anyone By Name

    ha, yeah.

    What we should have been taught in our senior year of HS 6

    How to Suck at Facebook

    This. Drives me nuts. I think some people need a history lesson. Back then it wasn't about love it was about property. Women were given to the men in a legally binding contract. It was only later when women were saw as "people" that the ceremony became a celebration of love and not a legal exchange of property :) So that's how the government got involved :)

    Truth. Truth. Absolute. Truth. The different types of Facebook users. The truth about people on Facebook...... this is so true!!

    The pros and cons of living with your significant other - The Oatmeal This was my favorite.

    vintagemarlene: #1963 #1963 #HairStylingSecrets


    Please have YOUR OWN opinion, or kindly be impartial but polite. You have a brain for a reason - Thank you.


    Sucking sauce prank

    Pretty much

    There’s only one thing to do… <====OMG pls send that black widow back to hell ahhh I hate spiders :(

    So true!

    Facebook called. They said there is no need for you to post another picture of yourself, you have way too many. If possible delete some if not all of them.

    sloth giraffe... Sarah Kay

    hahaha! kind of true... really, everyone is always comparing themselves with another... time to stop this crap!


    What we should have been taught in our senior year of HS 3