How To Suck At Facebook - The Passive Aggressor - They Post Well-Rehearsed Retorts Without Mentioning Anyone By Name

ha, yeah.

Oh, so true. Some people put all kinds of drama on facebook...and then we have the people who don't understand what TMI means.

Funny Baby Ecard: I don't always take care of my kid but when I do I post it on instagram..


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Omg wish I had nerve to Pin this to ppl On my Facebook! Because I can think of oh about 4 I personally know lol it's ridic of you don't want ppl to comment don't friggen post about it stupid!! Thanks love heather :)

One of my FB pet peeves! Well that and the daily posts of your list of daily tasks reminding me of how mundane your life is.

Hey Drama Queen, not enough people paying attention to you? Why don't you post some more of your bad day on Facebook so all the other drama qu.

5 minutes on facebook, 5 hours on pinterest!

What we should have been taught in our senior year of HS 6

Ahhh Facebook drama...

There are people on Facebook who fail to grasp the difference between "what's on your mind? and "you should talk to a therapist about that."


And it's awesome.




lol! ok sometimes more true than others...but still funny:)

This is the biggest FB pet peeve of mine!!! I see my husband every day and when I have something to tell him...I tell him! Not FB.