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I'm going to start posting this as a reply to passive aggressive facebook statuses :P (since ALWAYS pretending I thought it was about me to point out how stupid they are backfired hard!!!)

"No, really, I'm okay. It's just your last facebook post made me roll my eyes so hard that now I can't see."

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This. Drives me nuts. I think some people need a history lesson. Back then it wasn't about love it was about property. Women were given to the men in a legally binding contract. It was only later when women were saw as "people" that the ceremony became a celebration of love and not a legal exchange of property :) So that's how the government got involved :)

Oh, so true. Some people put all kinds of drama on facebook...and then we have the people who don't understand what TMI means.


Beware the stairs to nowhere!

I would def take the slide

You deleting & blocking me from Facebook affected me in the following ways... Oh thats had no affect on me! lol