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decoupage wooden spoons - cute decorative idea for the kitchen

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Decoupage old wooden hangers. Because? Because your coats needed cheering up? Because the bottom of your closet, littered with single socks yearning for a mate needed a change of scene? Because you were all done decoupaging the coset shelf and thought, "What the hell! I'll do it!" - Why? Because you're an idiot. If you have this kind of time, come see me. I have a project for you.

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plastic spoon flowers | red-flower-tealight-holder-146412105

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kitchen decor

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Hand painted wooden spoons?

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Decoupage Kitchen Decoration Pink Magnolia wooden spoon by CatHot, $10.00. Cute!

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This would look great on a spoon rest!

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Upcycle:: Old wooden spoons into pretty ones

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Amazing Emotions - Vintage Florals 01 Machine Embroidery Designs --- Vintage Florals 01 These fabulous vintage floral designs can add supreme beauty to your products like bed linen, bath linen, kitchen linen, curtains and even dresses. You can notice the variety in the floral designs For more details visit


Creaciones con todo tipo de cucharas

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736 1052

Webp 736


Decoupage Realizado

Cucharas con decoupage realizado con servilletas.Para la cocina.

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645 Workshop


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Wooden Gear Iris - by chucko @ ~ woodworking community

Folksyfrom Folksy

Cath Kidston Floral Wooden Spoon

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Cath Kidston Floral Wooden Spoon. Could make these with decoupage Cath Kidston paper

Etsyfrom Etsy

Sugar Skull Spoon - pyrography wood burning home decor

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Primitive wooden spoons

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Three shabby chic decoupage wooden coat hangers - they make putting your clothes away a joy!

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Cottage Creative Living by Egretta Wells: Painted Wooden Spoons

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Paint a wooden spoon for christmas


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Everybody needs a good wooden spoon! Flock on Wood Spoon | Mod Retro Vintage Kitchen |

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Dragonfly, flowers on a wooden spoon