peeking foxes

baby Pine Marten


red fox kit

Fox and Owl



Red Pandas, so cute!

fox nuzzles

Artist Edward Aldrich Unframed Red Fox Print Fox on the Run |

If I stand behind you, no one can see me.

Gray fox

The Red Fox: Males are referred to as reynards, females as vixens, and young as kits, pups or cubs. A group of foxes is a "skulk", "troop" or "earth". Their main diet is insects, reptiles, berrys and nuts. They, like squirrels, are hoarders. They gather, eat just enough for the day, and then store the rest for snow days.

A shy meadow friend

Red fox by Kristin Smestad on 500px*

Red Fox Drinking

No it's there - I can see it.

This fox is so cute!!!

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Baby fox... So cute OKAY THIS IS NOT A BABY FOX!!!!! It's a fennec fox !!! It's different get it right