• Kyrie Swann

    May be a strange thing to have on your bucket list but, I want to ride an elephant. Perhaps a trip to Thailand in the future.

  • Payton Cooper

    Bohemian Elephant | Escape Artist Inspiration Go to India and ride an elephant

  • Brianna Moreno

    Elephants have been my favorite animal ever since the 4th grade. & to do a traditional piece of art on an elephant would be such a privilege in India. I wouldn't do some random design or something stupid,I would stick to the tradition & be respectful to the Indian culture by doing so.

  • Poonam V

    I love the Indian elephants... This could also be inspiration for face /body paint

  • Janice Bear

    Painted elephant. #animals #photography

  • Adam Moryc

    Elephants are my favorite animals in the world! They are such gentle and beautiful creatures.

  • fotoclasses

    This week we are looking at some great tips for photographing animals in their natural habitat. Stay tuned for more #inspiration! Learn more - www.fotoclasses.com #fotoclasses #learn #photography #online #inspiration #wildlife #tips #pinit #dslr #iphone #animals #natural #habitat

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