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How to Grow and Raise Dragonflies in a House Box

by Nadelee Biondi
Dragonflies are beautiful, colorful, winged insects that can grow to be up to 4 inches long. It is fascinating to watch them grow from aggressive larvae or nymphs to adults. Although it is as exciting to see the nymph change to a dragonfly as it is to see a caterpillar turn into a butterfly, keeping...
  • Valerie Mitchell

    Dragon Fly Story

  • Maria Carroll

    How to Make a Stained Glass Dragonfly

  • Toni Mohrhauser

    Beaded Dragonfly: The Directions thumbnail

  • Lea Fletcher Faulks

    How to Attract Dragonflies & Ladybugs. Ladybugs feast on whiteflies and aphids therefore preventing them from wrecking havoc on your gardens, while dragonflies consume mosquitoes, whose bites itch and may even contain viruses. Attract both of these insects to your yard by planting flowers they find attractive as well as creating or maintaining a waterway/source for dragonflies.

  • Jim Sheehan

    Plant different flowers to attract different butterfly species.

  • Kristin Moeller

    Dragonfly handstand :)

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