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glad I wasn't the only one thinking this

Everytime I watch the pill scene in Sherlock it makes me think of The Princess Bride. I yelled at Sherlock "He's spent years building an immunity!" < this person is awesome, I thought the same thing


lol, life without your brain being packed with the crisscrossing torments of belonging to multiple fandoms

I really don't like not knowing either.

Ah the parallels between Sherlock and Doctor Who - understandable since Moffet is in charge of both.//well, to be fair, the writer is same.

They've done it again! More hedgehogs that look like Martin Freeman!

Hedgehogs that Look Like Martin Freeman

Because of reasons: Otter Benedict Cumberbatch and Hedgehog Martin Freeman. Edit: I might start to include other animals, but not to worry, there will still be a focus on otters and hedgehogs.

Sherlock. Love this show

The sad thing is, it sounds like something he'd actually say. Don't worry Molly, Sherlock can handle making more cadavers in his own. I love this show can't wait for