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Jasmine Richardson - The youngest person ever to be convicted of multiple murders in Canada, Jasmine Richardson was twelve when she brutally murdered her parents and younger brother in Medicine Hat, Alberta. After the bodies were discovered on April 23rd, 2006, police feared Jasmine could also be a victim. However, she was later found alive with her 23-year-old boyfriend Jeremy Allen Steinke, whom her parents did not approve of

Richard Cottingham is a serial killer who operated between 1967 & 1980. He was called "the torso killer" because he dismembered victims and usually left only the torso behind. He was eventually convicted of murder in 1981 after being caught fleeing an attempted murder. Officially Cottingham killed 6 people but he claims between 95 & 100 murders. Cottingham is still in prison.

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Aileen Carol Wuornos

Aileen Wuornos was one of America’s most notorious serial killers.Beginning in 1989 and lasting through 1990, her killing spree left at least seven men dead across the state of Florida. Wuornos claimed the men had raped or attempted to rape her as she worked as a prostitute. She was convicted of six counts of first degree murder in 1992 and received six death sentences.Aileen Wuornos was executed by the state of Florida in 2002.Her life inspired films and books,most notably the 2003movie…

"I just wanted to tell you that we got our home videos last Friday and we couldn’t be happier. I always meant to get them converted to DVD but never got around to it... I was a little nervous sending them out but was so impressed with the results. We sat down during the weekend and watched them and laughed and cried. Thank you for preserving our memories!" - David & Carol

Gordon Northcott In February of 1928 the headless corpse of a small boy was discovered in a ditch in Puente, California. When two more Mexican boys, brothers aged eight and ten, went missing later that spring, investigators soon focused on Gordon Northcott. Police found the head of the boy found in Puente during their search of Northcott’s isolated home and soon arrested his teenaged nephew and his mother, Sarah, both of whom admitted assisting Northcott with the crimes.

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25 Art History Snapchats That Will Make You Giggle

Art History Snapchats

Jack The Ripper. Tied to the murder of five women, Jack the Ripper's handiwork earned him a reputation that has extended into three centuries. More than 100 suspects have been named, but the murderer has never been identified. There are theories that the gruesome butcherings were the work of a wide-ranging plot, including a Royal coverup implicating Queen Victoria's grandson.

Jesse James was born in Missouri, and along with his brother, Frank, was a Confederate guerrilla fighter during the Civil War. After the war, the James boys joined the Younger brothers and formed the James-Younger Gang. Together, they robbed banks, stagecoaches, and trains.

The body of Sylvia Marie Likens (16). In 1965 Likens and her sister were left in the care of Gertrude Baniszewski who brutally tortured and murdered her in the basement.

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Jesse James: The Confederate Guerrilla

Frank and Jesse James in 1872. The James brothers were Confederate guerrillas in Missouri during the Civil War. #civilwar

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Stephanie Lazarus, former LAPD detective, sentenced to 27 years to life in prison for 1986 murder

The former Los Angeles police detective convicted of murdering her ex-lover's wife in 1986 was sentenced to 27 years to life in prison. Stephanie Lazarus, 52, was found guilty in March 2012 of killing Sherri Rasmussen, who was bludgeoned and shot to death in the condo she shared with her husband of three months, John Ruetten. Superior Court Judge Robert Perry gave Lazarus a term of 25 years to life for first-degree murder. plus two years for firearms violations.


Top 10 Crime Duos

Lyle & Erik Menendez were the 2 spoiled children of a very successful Cuban-American businessman. The boys were annoyed that their father was domineering & had threatened to disinherit them, so they decided to murder him so that they could spend the money he had earned right away. Since their mother was so emotionally tied to their father, they rationalized that she had to be murdered too because she couldnt survive without Jose & of course, she would be the one to inherit his money if he…

Langston Hughes (left) with Charles S. Johnson, E. Franklin Frazier, Rudolph Fisher and Hubert T. Delaney, on the roof of 580 St. Nicholas Avenue, Harlem, on the occasion of a party in Hughes’ honor, 1924.

Nadezhda Popova was a Russian female pilot during WWII. The German military called her one of the "Nachthexen", or "Night Witches" She flew 852 decoy missions in a canvas winged plane. Dropped food and medicine to Russian marines trapped on the beach at Malaya Zemlya. She had to fly so low that she heard their cheers. After the mission, she found 42 bullet holes in her plane.She died on July 8, 2013 at the age of 91

Life jackets were one of the leading causes of death on the Titanic. If a person jumped overboard from 10 feet up or higher, their necks would be broken upon impact with the water. (They may have been the lucky ones). This life jacket was cut from a body after being in the ocean for many days. Recovery workers did not want to touch the bodies, so the life jackets were removed by cutting the straps. The bodies were then weighted and the unidentifiable were returned to the sea.