COMMON CORE! ELA RL.4.3 and RL.5.3 Ready to print student worksheets for comparing settings. Can be used with any stories or books. Student friendly rubric and five excerpts from books. priced item

Common Core ELA Standards: Text Based Evidence (TBE) using Interactive Notebooks

Common Core Sheets - worksheets aligned with the Common Core

Narratives Transitions Anchor Chart - Common Core

Common core checklist - second grade

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Free Daily Common Core Reading Passages **Visit Literacy and Math Ideas to access this Common Core Freebie.**

Common Core

5 Ways Common Core Will Change Your Classroom #1: Informative non-fiction #2: Lexile levels & complex text #3: Project based learning #4: Written and spoken language #5: Technology (It's less about what we teach and more about how we teach it.)

A great visual way of illustrating to both younger and older clients the concept that you only have control of the things inside your inner circle...[site also provides other helpful visual support tools]

COMMON CORE ALERT! Add this reading theme sheet to your Core folder. It can be used with any story or book. A student self assessment rubric is included! For grades 4, 5 but can be used with any other grade! priced item

A lesson on abstract nouns lesson cannot be abstract. FREE printable with activity at the end.

Core Checklists for K-5 {Math and ELA}

Organization | Common Core Galore & More!

Here are some great ways to teach many common core standards through Social Studies inquiry circles. A great way to do research projects in the classroom!

Unlimited access to Lessons & Passages for Common Core. A Teacher's Dream - OMG - so excited to share this AMAZING & Free Resource for Common Core Reading Lessons K - 6.

Common core organization

Book Review Template: A Book Commercial

Common Core Classrooms: Reading Detectives - Non Fiction Graphic Organizer