COMMON CORE! ELA RL.4.3 and RL.5.3 Ready to print student worksheets for comparing settings. Can be used with any stories or books. Student friendly rubric and five excerpts from books. priced item

Students were taught Common Core Standards RL.2 and RI.2 using our interactive reading journals. Click the image to take a look.

A pirate themed Literature Circle. Complete with role descriptions, self reflections, and assignment sheets. Common Core State Standards: RL.3.1, RL.3.3, RL.3.4, RL.3.5, SL.3.1, SL.3.3, SL.3.6

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Analyzing Character Traits - (Common Core Aligned - RL.3.3, RL.4.3, RL.5.3) Activities and graphic organizers for teaching students to analyze character traits. $ #LauraCandler

Free Daily Common Core Reading Passages **Visit Literacy and Math Ideas to access this Common Core Freebie.**

Common Core ready to print student worksheets for Figurative Language, that can be used with any book. Included are: similes, metaphors, personification, worksheets for each and a student friendly self assessment rubric, and posters. priced item

Narratives Transitions Anchor Chart - Common Core

Common Core Alert! Character Comparisons. Use with any book or story! Ready to print student worksheets with instructions. priced item.

A lesson on abstract nouns lesson cannot be abstract. FREE printable with activity at the end.

Novel packet with ready to print student worksheets. Students explore the book in small groups and brainstorm for answers. A classic story and favorite of many! priced item

5 Ways Common Core Will Change Your Classroom #1: Informative non-fiction #2: Lexile levels & complex text #3: Project based learning #4: Written and spoken language #5: Technology (It's less about what we teach and more about how we teach it.)

educationjourney: Common Core Assessments

Common Core - Problems/Solutions Use with any book or story. Ready to print student worksheets with student friendly rubric. priced item

Organization | Common Core Galore & More!

This list of 88 Character Traits will come in handy when you are teaching about character! Use when teaching Common Core RL 3.3, and RL 4.3 spec...

Common Core Cause Effect ready to print student worksheets with examples, answers and much more! Add this to your desktop CC folder for easy access! priced item

Characters, Settings, and Events by The Teacher Next Door is a 48 page complete unit that targets Common Core RL 3.3, 4.3, and 5.3, in a way your students will love! It includes 32 task cards, two foldables, loads of graphic organizers, a poster, practice passages and activities to keep your students fully engaged! $

"NonFiction Find It and Check It" ready to print pages can be used with any nonfiction text. priced item

Common Core Main Idea. Use with any book or story. priced item