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"Over, damn you, over!"

"Over, damn you, over!" A man is riding a horse in a competition. Instead of jumping over a bar, the horse tries to go under it as in the Limbo. Published in The New Yorker November 2011

Damn you Apple Maps

Damn you Apple Maps

Jacque and I got so lost in downtown Denver because Maps didn't tell me that is a diagonal street

Everyone's favorite mare is back with more horrible advice that you should be sure to hide from your horses.

Funny, we have a horse named Ice and we just started training him to get in the trailer. He must of read this article!

Christian Memes

Laugh a little mommas! Life can get to complicated to not stop and smile. Here's a compilation of good clean christian humor for moms.

Love these two!  That's the trick:  Sing, Dance, & Play together = Stay Together!  <3  (Be sure to watch the whole thing!)

Gas Pump Camera Ambushes Couple Whose Singing Lands Them on the Tonight Show

I love that they're at a Costco gas station! Video: Gas station karaoke that will make your day. This couple sings karaoke at a gas pump for free gas. They are really good and take it to a while new level!