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Three new designs for cool cats

Catios: Every year, more than 5 million cats are killed by cars, which is one reason why indoor cats typically live more than three times as long as outdoor cats. These are “catios,” or enclosed “outdoor solutions for indoor cats,” Perfect for small courtyards, balconies, yards. When it comes to creating a safe outdoor enclosure where your cat can explore, your only limited by imagination. Kittywalk Systems and Kritter Kommunity are two companies that these.

Just had a brilliant idea so I googled it and saw some cool photos, not the right design, but shows the idea- outdoor cat enclosure- keeps kitty occupied and keep other critters safe from kitty, PLUS depending on the size you could stick kitties litter box in the enclosure to eliminate smells indoors!

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They are CUTE

I need it!

cat enclosure to let kitties safely go outside. The only way my cats would get to go outside! Want one.

Cat enclosures are becoming more popular and provide a safe--for both cats and wildlife--outdoor environment.

Cool, but very expensive! Better to make your own or have someone make one for you. SunCATcher 5x8 Cat Cage, Cat Condo, Outdoor Cat Enclosure


Outdoor Cat Enclosures: How To Go From Patio To Catio

SunCATcher Enclosure tunnel leads directly from window into catio.: ©SunCATcher Enclosures

Cat outdoor enclosure. I want them to be able to go outside but still be safe.