Look closely: students folded white paper in half, wrote their names in cursive, and cut out around their names - this formed the body. They added the head, arms,and legs then mounted their "name skeletons" on black construction paper! Notice that the top left name is NOELLE. :) Love it!

Floating candles for Halloween... Toilet paper/kitchen roll tubes and led candles

Check out these awesome Skeleton Activities for Kids! Perfect for October and Halloween!

easy skeleton halloween craft

Name Monsters/ Aliens/ Insects- Fold a sheet of 12"x18" white drawing paper in half "long ways", like a hot dog. Write each student's first name with a black magic marker along the fold of the paper. (Older students write their own names of course) Use manuscript for those who can't read cursive, otherwise, cursive works best. Omit the "tails" of any letters that drop below the fold. Turn the paper over and trace the name. (This works best if you hold it up to a glass door or window.) When y...

Toddler or kids Halloween craft - making a skeleton out of q-tips and glue!

Q-tips skeleton kids craft

Profile Vase with 3D flowers- gr. 3, watercolor pencils, black paper profiles and construction paper flowers.

Skullduggery Ornaments | Skull, Bat Skeleton Moon Halloween Ornaments

Solar System Supplies: Two 1½” wood disks One 4” STYROFOAM™ Ball-cut in half Two 3” STYROFOAM™ Balls-cut in half Two 2½” STYROFOAM™ Balls-cut in half 14”x20” piece of black foam board ¾” flat brush Sponge Pencil Palette knife White craft glue

Spinnenweb knutselen: 'teken' met lijm een spinnenweb op zwart papier, en bestrooi het met glitters

Such a cool science experiment for kids. Make crystal names in a jar. Gorgeous!!

Dot Art on Black paper...LOVE the look!

Paper Plate Rhino Craft for Kids - Fun zoo art project! | CraftyMorning.com

Awesome paper plate hat ideas

pasta skeletons!

Idea for putting a cloak on the skeleton

Pop-up Paper Plate Snowman