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love these!

38 Brilliant Hacks For Dog Owners

This is a great gadget for your dog! It's a GPS chip and you sign up for the online tracking service. So if you dog is ever lost you can log in and find out where he/she is - get the coordinates, see a map and get directions to it.

The Ultimate Dog Pool. An inflatable pool designed for dogs, made of sturdy river raft material. Available in different sizes!

dog tag idea

The Paw Wash - Brushless Dog Paw Wash. This is incredible... perfect for muddy paws

Down and Out Chic: Gift Idea: For the new dog owner...

DIY dog collar tutorial!

Dog bowls in planters for a nicer look on the patio.

Tag for your pets collar.

human meds for dogs; have personally used hydrogen peroxide and it works.

Door protector, dog scratching (Need this at work!)

Here’s a few techniques to help stop dog barking in your apartment

For the dog!!!

Good info for the health of pets.

Dump A Day Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius - 25 Pics

Dog upset stomach home remedies

Dog Crate Cover- Want it!!

my. heart. just. MELTED.