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irish crochet lace

The varieties of plant forms and flowers represented, their naturalism and the three-dimensionality set this extraordinary example of Irish crochet lace apart from the more static designs of later examples

Irish lace is"built up"by crocheting various motifs separately and then crocheting all the lil crocheted pieces & parts together. Sooo lovely. Antique Irish lace crochet, circa 1850

True Irish lace is"built up"by crocheting various motifs separately, then crocheting each piece together. Here is a remarkable Antique Irish lace piece from

~Something to do with all your doilies! Tea stain them and make a vintage lace curtain!~

✿ etsy bluefolkhome says ✿:Just love this idea of stitching together lacy doilies to make a window curtain. It could be an ongoing project as you find more!

Irish Crochet circa 1850!

****An example of Irish Crochet at it's finest. Technically a lace, this remarkable piece would fill a place in both lace making and needlework. Accessory set, Culture: Irish, Medium: cotton Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Burano lace - When we go to Italy I am going to make a fool of myself visiting Burano.  My jaw will just stay permanently on the floor.  The amount of skill, time, effort that goes in to a piece like this just amazes me. I am in awe of these women.

Burano lace Burano lace: masterpiece/I just want to touch it, just a little corner of it.

Lace with lace medallion

Magnificent HUGE Belgium Zele Needle Lace Figural Antique Tablecloth 224 x

Learn baby Irish crochet lace in this book from 1930! #Irish #Crochet #Lace

Vintage Crochet Instruction Booklet "How To Make Baby Irish Crochet" - Crochet Library Page