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    For my Rach! Ok - if you are not into science, forgive me, but this is completely cool!

    Periodic table with an image showing an application for each element.

    112 Cartoon Elements Make Learning The Periodic Table they say, some of these are clever and a few are underdressed, but a great idea

    FREE Science Game - Periodic table battleship is such a fun way to introduce and engage kids in the science periodic table (homeschool)

    List of Free Educational Apps

    Punctuation Print

    Liquid Lab Science for Kids - Experiments

    Periodic Table Elements Explained for Kids

    quick six - chemical elements game

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    $3.99 Frog Dissection from Punflay, is a greener alternative for teaching dissection in the classroom. This iPad app is suitable for middle-school students who are learning about organs and organ systems as part of their life science curriculum. Students can try dissecting a virtual specimen with all the trappings that come with the real procedure-minus the mess of course!

    This is from a 3rd grade classroom, but these are FANTASTIC anchor charts for high school classes, too.

    6th-8th Grade Science Learning Activity: Interactive Periodic Table - K12 - Learning Liftoff - Free Parenting, Education, and Homeschooling Resources Check out as well.

    Amazing stuff - National Geographic for Kids! And it's FREE!

    Sight word games

    SHOW DON'T TELL: Showing emotions in writing... an impressive guide to adding details that bring characters to life!

    Print-your-own elements cards. There's a card for every element, with a picture on the front and words on the back. Also included are twelve two-sided chemical group cards and five two-sided key cards (symbol key and color key). Great idea with other free printable elements and elements charts

    Newton's Laws of Motion -All 3 Laws in funny ,animated video for kids

    Breaking Bad Periodic Table -

    OK, this is genius. Use your "hand calculator" to figure 6, 7, 8 and 9 multiplication tables. Where was this when I was in school?! (Also, this is a crazy long video for such a simple concept.)