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Christmas Cactus - bright light

Do you have place in your house that don't receive direct sun or do you want to grow plants in your living room, dining room or bath room? Luckily there are plants that grow without sunlight and you can grow them indoors.

Fiddleleaf Fig

Good use of colors and textures in a small space. BEFORE: Unkempt Corner AFTER: Beautiful Backdrop

Guzmania Lingulata (Guzmania) as a house plant; Bright light; 65-80 degrees F., 60-65 degrees F. in winter; keep soil moderately dry, but water in the vase Size: To 3 feet tall and wide

Medinilla ‘Magnifica- this gorgeous houseplant is a must-have. With proper care (lots of light, keep it on the dry side), the blooms can last for about two months

Plant lemon seeds from your lemons! Lemon leaves smell so good. Awesome for kitchen, bathroom, or any place in the house

PLANT Swiss Cheese Plant from Colonial House of Flowers | Statesboro Valentine Florist Shop

aloe flowers

How to root hydrangea cuttings. Shut the front door!

Persian shield - can be grown outside as an annual or, as an indoor houseplant, it will bloom in winter. Beautiful!!

Celebrate Spring with Soft Colors

Ghost Plant With its silvery lavender-blue foliage it's easy to see where ghost plant (Graptopetalum paraguayense) gets its common name. This lovely foliage plant is easy to grow and propagate; simply snip off a leaf or the end of a shoot and pot it in barely moist soil. Ghost plant likes a bright spot and the stems can grow a foot or more long.

Ten Houseplants That Clean Indoor Air. Looking at all the lists like this, I'm thinking that probably ALL houseplants "clean the air."

Kaffir Lily..Kaffir lily is also commonly called clivia. As a houseplant it usually blooms in winter with clusters of up to 20 reddish orange or yellow tubular flowers. Clivia blooms only when it has been exposed to cool, dry conditions, so give it lower temperatures in winter and keep it on the dry side. With its deep green straplike leaves aligned in a single plane, the plant is attractive even when not in bloom.

It's easy to grow your own salad. Check out our ideas for a container garden of salad greens.

Flowering Maple

Love the colors!