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My girl- looks at me with the same lopsided head! I love it!! Pitbulls are the best!!

Pit bulls do not fight for sport or because they have a vicious nature. They live to please and are unwaveringly loyal. That's why they will die in the ring.. to please their ridiculously disgusting owner.

In olden days I was a babysitter a companion and protector of my family. I never wanted to fight but greed overcame man and they made me into the dog that everyone runs from today. That's not who I am. If you raise me with love I will love you back and never leave your side.

I have to say some pit bulls can be crazy because they have alot of energy or they think you are touching something they think that is theirs then they got hyper. Some pitbulls are hated because they hyper energy. They have to be exercised and trained perfectly...!

Albino pitbull, these dogs get such a bad name, but they are one of the sweetest dogs I've ever owned.

I love his face.... I wanna add that "I mustache you a question... Can eyebrows your lawn"

Puppy Photography. What a beautiful Pit bull :-)