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  • Janet Ewalt

    Woven basket from packing paper

  • Julie Wynia

    brown paper bag basket - use the rolls of brown kraft paper I have - christmas?

  • Licia Griscti

    brown paper bag basket. Ok next time we move and we have ridiculous amounts of brown packing paper, I'm going to make these. I could make an army of buckets...

  • Brittany Park

    Lovely basket from packing paper - color the strips and paper basket weaving here we come - great recycling project

  • Jenny Herold

    brown paper bag basket Weaving

  • Elizabeth and Meg Wachtler

    Love this sewn brown paper bag basket from duitang. Love to browse the world for craft ideas!

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would LOVE to figure out how to make these felt baskets ... any felt geniuses want to help??? (Jennifer Forbes?)

  • DancesWithFl✿wers

    @Judi Young - Soooo not a felting genius BUT here goes - knit a ginormous sack-shaped thing (>3 times the size you want the finished thing to be) using some version of wool yarn. Must be at least 85% wool. Can use angora or cashmere if you're feeling ridiculously wealthy. Throw thing in industrial-size washer; use hot water and lots of soap. When it's done, check to see if it's the size you want and if it's felted hard enough (too floppy?). If not, wash it again. This link gives directions for felting in the sink http://morewaystowastetime.... . Felting in the washer carries the risk that the sides may felt together. There's a way around that but I don't remember right now. The sink-link is a way to get around that problem but these suckers are so big i think the project would kill you...

  • Judi Young

    Jennifer Forbes | you lost me at "knit" :)

  • Melissa Drake

    Judi Young This looks like wet felting. You need raw wool and a form to felt over. Lots of hot water and agitation. You should be able to find some video tutorials of the process on youtube

Paper bird sculpture Amy Lyons Lyons Lyons Gabbert

Paper snowflakes -- decorate window with some paper snowflakes #winter #snowflakes #decoration

  • Connie Gable

    I started doing this 50 + years , Our first Christmas we didn,t have the money to buy things for a tree all we had some used lights , the rest of the tree

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