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Yes!! :] {Though I love the books & movie now!} Having my bow is what made me want to see the movie in the first place.

Archery is Graceful 1946 I love archery came in 26th place in archery competition out of 227 kids all grades


Bow Hunting

Opening day. This is no shit. I think a memo goes out between the deer herds.



Guns and girls - hah! Damned right, and true for archery too.

Archery is my stress reliever! Bee in the woods, shooting my bow, so peaceful and relaxing ❤

How do you #Releaseyourwild? Share your archery photos using the hashtag.


Me & my husband

I have this it should say Wife instead of GF but it's a cute shirt!

Well i do wear bows but... I can't have a proper practice with a hair piece <3 Zoe-elaine


bow hunt...LOVE IT!! <3 hb

Bow hunting

women hunting

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