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Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker - great for self-monitoring and making long-term change

OPI-Deutsch You Want Me Baby

SilverJumpsuit by catherine stephenson couture - best vintage shop score I have made!

Both of us really enjoy most of China Mieville's writing. This is his first foray into hard sci-fi and it's supposed to be quite good.

Sean got an Xbox 360 controller (wired - no need to fuss with charging) for his PC - more and more games seem to work best with one recently. $30

Light therapy - needs to be able to put out 10,000 lux for therapeutic effects. This one's $70

Japanese pull saws are amazing - this one has a different blade coarseness on either side and is only $20

Makers by Cory Doctorow - I need to read this.

Portal 2! 2 copies so we can play together in collaborative mode.

New boots! Half off!

Orly Space Cadet nail polish goes from purple to greeny-gold depending on the angle

So cute and really comfy!

Spiral tights! Picked these up in orange/grey. ♥

Dolce vita dress by Effie's Heart - adorable, comfortable, and it has POCKETS!