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Subjects Disney Taught You Better Than School Did

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Let's poison Kuzco!

Bhahahaha ohh emperors new groove its been awhile! I soo remember this show! haha!

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Childhood trauma

So true! Gets me every time Makes me so sad that not many people have seen fox in the hound. I think it has a lot of good lessons and is a good "old" Disney movie.


Silly pooh bear.

Ahhh who doesn't love this still?

Whoo! Sign ME up for the next war! Have to say Mulan's grandmother is one of y favorite Disney characters

You wanna piece of me? Ooh I'm scared now- AWHAAHAT Stop following me, ok? I think I can copy this whole movie. No that's not a joke. Just keep swimming swimming swimming swimming....

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Truth Behind Disney Male Characters

Truth Behind Disney Male Characters!!!