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    • McCall Erickson

      Oh yes! The soulache... listen and learn and move with it...

    • ordinary things

      When I’m driving, I sometimes turn on the radio and I find very often that what I’m listening to is a discussion of sports. These are telephone conversations. People call in and have long and intricate discussions, and it’s plain that quite a high degree of thought and analysis is going into that. People know a tremendous amount. They know all sorts of complicated details and enter into far-reaching discussion about whether the coach made the right decision yesterday and so on. These are ordinary people, not professionals, who are applying their intelligence and analytic skills in these areas and accumulating quite a lot of knowledge and, for all I know, understanding. On the other hand, when I hear people talk about, say, international affairs or domestic problems, it’s at a level of superficiality that’s beyond belief. —Noam Chomsky

    • Cynthya Belinda

      ryandonato - Now More Than Ever

    • Kiara Lambogo

      The unfortunate truth.

    • Marie Pi


    • m. bull

      soul ache

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    I don't know if it is your "worst battle," or not; I think that would be up to the individual to say. But it is definitely a BIG one. Feelings are not necessarily defined by rational thought, as they seem to have their own "mind."


    How many of us feel this way about work, family, sometimes friends?!?