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  • Randall Chambers

    Private Francis Brownell, recieved the first Medal of Honor awarded during the American Civil War, I think I used this image in one ofmy pieces at #civilwar

  • ja€l çlårenbãçh

    Private Francis Brownell - Private Brownell is the soldier that killed James Jackson (the proprietor of the Marshall House) after Jackson killed Colonel Elmer Ellsworth for pulling down the large Confederate flag at the Marshall House. Original photographs from the Civil War

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CDV's of Francis Brownell (left) and Colonel Elmer Ellsworth. After Pres. Lincoln spotted a large Confederate flag flying over nearby Alexandria just days after Virginia's secession, Ellsworth & his Zouaves marched to take it down. In so doing, the Innkeeper, shot and killed Ellsworth. Brownell, promptly avenged his leader's death by killing the Innkeeper. He was awarded the Medal of Honor in so doing. Note the flag under Brownell's feet in photo.

Union Private John Jefferson Williams was killed May 13th 1865; he is thought to be last soldier killed in the Civil War.

Artillery Private and Wife. In addition to the crossed cannon insignea, this soldier's cap. Includes the letter "C" indicating his company or battery, but his regiment is unknown.Photo taken by J. S. Young, Washington, Pennsylvania. The presence of a tax stamp on the reverse indicates that this was made between late 1864 and early 1866.

B 629060. Australian soldiers Sergeant C.B. Lewis, Private G.W. Hart, Private Howard N. Kimber, Sergeant F.C. McArtney on leave in Egypt, with the Sphinx and one of the pyramids behind them. WWI

The first Union soldier killed by a Confederate soldier was Thornsbury Bailey Brown; he was killed May 22nd 1861 in Taylor County, Virginia.

In May 1861, Col. Elmer Ellsworth was shot by the proprietor of the Marshall House hotel in Alexandria after removing a Confederate flag from the roof, becoming the first Union officer killed in the Civil War.

Private William Cecil Tickle ("Billie Boy") enlisted on 7 September 1914 and was accepted although he was under age. He was killed on 3 July 1916, aged 17, during the Battle of the Somme.

Black confederate soldier...yes there were many who fought on both sides

black sad his name is unknown. Confederate cemetery. Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Unknown Confederate Soldier by civil war grave sites, via Flickr

Fred Andrews was a soldier from Birmingham who fought during World War I. He was killed in action in 1916 at 21 years of age. His mother produced this postcard in an effort to find him, and even sent copies to Germany.