Francis E Brownell -Co A 11th NY Vol. Fire Zouaves. Private Brownell is the soldier that killed James Jackson (the proprietor of the Marshall House) after Jackson killed Colonel Elmer Ellsworth for pulling down the large Confederate flag at the Marshall House.Alexandria Va

Matted Civil War Photo Print Long Haired Confederate Soldier Surgeon

It was commonplace for cavalry soldiers to carry multiple weapons, especially revolvers. Most revolvers of the day were breech loaders that required a soldier to put powder in, followed by a bullet, then rammed home and capped for each individual chamber and revolvers could have 6 or more chambers. Obviously in the middle of a gunfight this process would leave the soldier vulnerable and so they just carried multiple pistols or cylinders so as to always have something loaded.

Erwin Rommel, The Desert Fox, Field Marshall of the Afrika Korp. He was forced to commit suicide because of his complicity in the plot to kill Hitler.

Confederate Veteran ... a number of blacks served in the Confederate Army as soldiers.

Young Confederate Soldier wearing Battle Shirt and proudly displaying Bowie Knife.

The first Union soldier killed by a Confederate soldier was Thornsbury Bailey Brown; he was killed May 22nd 1861 in Taylor County, Virginia.

The last WWII soldier: didn't surrender until 1974!

Marmaduke Marshall, Confederate Army Marshall, Orderly Sergeant of 17th Georgia Infantry; American Civil War, 1861-65; First Sergeant (later Captain) Marmaduke Marshall, Confederate Army Soldier (b/w photo), American Photographer, (19th century) / Private Collection / Peter Newark Military Pictures / The Bridgeman Art Library

Buy Fresh Fish A World War I Canada Food Board poster encouraging shoppers to change their habits so that fresh meat can be shipped to soldiers: "Buy fresh fish. Save the meat for our soldiers and allies." Illustrated by E. Henderson, c. 1914.


101st Airborne Division.

General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson. General Jackson's wife, Mary Anna, stated that she felt this photograph was the best likeness to her husband that was ever captured on film.

Amazing American Civil War Photos Turned Into Glorious Color This photo by Alexander Gardner, originally Brady's apprentice, depicts Union Colonel James H. Childs (middle, standing) & several other officers at Westover Landing, VA in 1862. Childs was later killed at the Battle of Antietam, the single bloodiest day in American history. 22,717 soldiers were either killed, injured, or missing in action.

The man in the much publicized Holocaust photo has been only recently identified as Rabbi Moshe Hegerman, the Rabbi of Olkusz in Poland. Brought to the town square for execution he asked to let him say first Kaddish for his slain brethren. The soldiers laughed while watching him praying and then killed him.

Robert E. Lee American Civil War Confederate General

Confederate volunteers, 1861. This is one of my favorite Civil War photos. I love it!

Confederate soldiers thought to be of the 20th Tennessee Infantry taken at Rock Island prison sometime during the winter of 1863-1864

Our Most Beloved Sons of the South Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and P.G.T. Beauregard. The other generals are pictured around the outer edge of the leaf, forming a frame for the three in the center. The lithograph also shows the Confederate National Flags, and the Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia. The top center portion features a portrait of Jefferson Davis. This is an absolutely stunning piece

Stonewall Jackson

Civil War Photo CSA Confederate General James Longstreet