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FIRST PLACE WINNER ---> Inspired by: "The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane", submitted by Jenelle Clark

On this day, November 4, 1590: "'You have books full of strange sigils and magical incantations,' Widow Beaton said, gesturing at EUCLID'S ELEMENTS. It was, I thought, a very good thing that she hadn't overhead Kit reading aloud from DOCTOR FAUSTUS." SHADOW OF NIGHT image: the Billingsley translation of EUCLID'S ELEMENTS (1570), with a preface by John Dee. via Deborah Harkness facebook

My Deliverance Dane is loosely based on a real woman of the same name. Here her husband files for restitution for her imprisonment, in a paper on file at the Massachusetts Historical Society

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Halloween Decor, The Witch - 8x10 Illustration Print

The Witch