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Harajuku Girl in Colorful Resale Style w/ Scooby-Doo & SpongeBob (Tokyo Fashion News)

77803906_JapanMay2006-Geisha015.jpg (533×799)

77803906_JapanMay2006-Geisha015.jpg (533×799)

Kimono and Business Suits

Honors young men and women who have become 20 years old and are thus full citizens. Honorees visit a shrine in special kimonos; parents, friends, and teachers wish them good luck.

Donne sensuali ed erudite

Japanese Courtesan/Oiran- You can tell the difference between an Oiran & Geisha by the way the Obi is tied. A Geisha's Obi is tied in the back verses the Oiran's Obi being tied in the front.

Two girls dressed for their come of age-party.

Over 50 pictures of beautiful & colorful kimono on the streets of Shibuya on Coming of Age Day

<b>A glimpse at what is known as the geisha golden age — and the kimonos are absolutely striking.</b>

12 Gorgeous Color Photos Of Geisha In The Late 1800s

taishou-kun: “ School of Yokohama - Geisha modelling in furisode - Hand colored albumen print - Japan - Source : Alinari archives via Getty Images ”