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Baby Wombat.

20 Utterly Adorable Pictures To Convince You That Wombats Are The Future

Baby vs wombat

Our new arrival from Australia

Wombats - they look like they have a great sense of humour, don't they?

18+ Cute Australian Animals Pictures that Can Melt Your Heart [So Cute

Wonder(left)and her first joey,Satsuki (1992-2011),Satsukiyama Zoo,Ikeda city,Osaka,Japan

Wonder (left) and her first joey, Satsuki Satsukiyama Zoo, Ikeda city, Osaka

Interesting names for groups of animals - Imgur

Interesting names for groups of animals

wombat pic for desktops - wombat category

Orphaned Baby Wombat Caddy via Herald Sun

Caddy the 8 month old baby wombat loves living in her little 'shack' at the Warrandyte Wildlife Shelter. She lives in a home made pouch with two teddies which have been companions to hundreds of orphaned wombats over 15 years.

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You know, just a wombat enjoying a nice belly massage.

Com'on!  Let's Go Play!  funny video!

Com'on! Let's Go Play!

During a cool morning shower by a brave ranger, this chubby Wombat kilos!) is in for either an innocent play or a deadly attack! First time Ive ever seen a Jumping Wombat anyway!

{sweater squirrel} Almost makes me want to knit sweaters for all the squirrels now!  --almost.

{sweater squirrel} I want to knit sweaters for all the squirrels now! For Katheran!

Bashful Wombat

Yogi the orphaned baby wombat, is seen at the Darraweit Guim Wildlife Shelter in Melbourne, Australia. The tiny wombat was found in early February when a couple noticed one of their alpacas staring intently at something on the ground.

but I will reassure the wombat all the way down the slopes--it's keeping him on the tips on the chairlift that concerns me. The little guy's gotta get his own gear, is what it comes down to.

wombat on a ski. amazing.