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  • Janet Elsbach

    but I will reassure the wombat all the way down the slopes--it's keeping him on the tips on the chairlift that concerns me. The little guy's gotta get his own gear, is what it comes down to.

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feeding time...

Wombat in Cradle Mountain National Park, Tasmania (photo by ALCO)

Wombats in Cradle Mountain National Park, Tasmania (photo by ALCO)

"My human. Mine!" Click on the photo to see the cutest pics of these big lumps of LOVE! (Wombat)

The Blissed-Out Wombat | The Blissed-Out Wombat - Fact: all wombats love to have their tummies scratched. This one ESPECIALLY loves it, though.

Wombat Pillowcase with Girl, facing Right.. $35.00, via Etsy.

Baby Wombat by ~analogital

Je mange, je dors, je me gratte, je suis un Wombat: Jackie French, Bruce Whatley, Pascale Jusforgues: Livres


wombat nap time.

Snowbat - Common Wombat Mt Buller, Victoria, Australia Photographer: Vincent Antony

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Wombat, Tasmania

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some sort of pirate ship: a wombat and capybara

Orphaned wombats Turtle-belle and Phoenix prepare for take-off to San Diego Zoo (their keeper describes them as "big hairy kegs with legs" - AWESOME)

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wombat in the snow at Cludle Mountain

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Encounter with a wombat in the snow at Mt Field

AG Flickr photo: baby wombat - Australian Geographic

The Pre-Raphaelite English literary set loved wombats (and other exotic creatures). Here is a description of Rossetti's wombat, from Everard Home, written in 1809.