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  • Janet Elsbach

    but I will reassure the wombat all the way down the slopes--it's keeping him on the tips on the chairlift that concerns me. The little guy's gotta get his own gear, is what it comes down to.

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Wombats, just because. And they have cloaca's.

Wombats are stout marsupials and can weigh up to 36 kg. They have a large, blunt head and a short neck. Their sharp claws and stubby, powerful legs make them great diggers. Wombats can live up to 27 years in captivity. It digs burrows and tunnels in the ground for shelter and to escape from danger. Despite their slow appearance they can run quite fast.

who wants a wombat? I wombat, we wombat, he she wombat

Baby wombat. I can't get enough of baby wombat pictures. looks like the girl got her nails did.

Wombat - hugely underrated animal