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1st US coin to honor a woman~Susan B. Anthony dollar July 2, 1979

Susan B. Anthony

Susan B Anthony

Susan B Anthony

Susan B. Anthony

US gold coins from the dollar Liberty Head to the 20 dollar St Gaudens double eagle.

5 Walking Liberty silver half dollar coin

3 silver dollars rare 1935s peace dollar 1924 by DrewsCollectibles, $72.00

King Farouk's 2 Silver-Piastres Coin [Issued In 1944].

Morgan Silver Dollars

Obverse of "Peace" Dollar, designed by Anthony de Francisci, model is his wife Teresa

Learn About Susan B. Anthony

Peace Dollars Early Silver Dollars US Coin

monroe commemorative half dollar 1920s coin by DrewsCollectibles, $61.00

4 Barber half Dollars collectible coins rare by DrewsCollectibles, $72.00

US 1923 Silver Certificate Five Dollar Bill Featured in the US Coins Auction on July 25, 2013 HamptonAuction.com

1942 Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollar US Coin

Randy’L He-dow Teton (born 1976) is the Shoshone woman who posed as the model for the US Sacagawea dollar coin, first issued in 2000. She is the first Native American woman to pose for an American coin and the only living person whose image appears on American currency


1934S PEACE Silver Dollar by IndianHeadCent on Etsy, $39.00 #silverdollar #peace

The dollar of new design issued from December 1921 through 1935 was a commemorative peace coin. The Peace dollar was issued without congressional sanction, under the terms of the Pittman Act, which referred to the bullion and in no way affected the design. Anthony de Francisci, a medalist, designed this dollar. His monogram is located in the field of the coin under the neck of Liberty. Its one of the most collected US coins and a great part of American history.