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    Director/Actor/Producer/Writer Ben Affleck received accolades for his first directoral efforts, the films GONE BABY GONE and THE TOWN, which presented realistic portrayals of his hometown environs and everyday people. To make Academy Award nominated ARGO as credible as possible, Affleck enlisted Production Designer Sharon Seymour and Set Decorator Jan Pascale SDSA to re-create the three worlds and the era in which much of the true story takes place: 1979-80 Iran, Washington DC and Hollywood.

  • Kat Talley-Jones

    The Argo Guide to Filming Los Angeles as 1979 Tehran

  • Chrissa Cooper

    Toronto Film Festival 2012 Preview: 12 Important Questions

  • Bruce Cogerson

    Ben Affleck in 2012's Argo....Affleck's best movie according to critics and audiences....not to mention Academy Award® voters.

  • Angel West

    ARGO - Movie Trailer, Photos, Synopsis

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