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... And that's the day little Julie became a conservative!

Normally I don't post political stuff on FB, but this made me laugh so hard! It's humor people. No political comments allowed!

Oh God why...

A dolla makes me holla honey boo boo! This makes me laugh so hard, yet its so sad! If my 4 year old EVER says this, something's gone terribly wrong!

Oh, you voted for Obama based on his policies? Was it the high gas prices, nations debit increase, or loss in jobs that really got your vote?

In elementry school we did a voting thing and it had us vote for presidents and the kids took this very seriously and i just didnt even know these people so i just looked at their pictures and concentrated then voted on the cutest one haha

You see something on Pinterest and then try to do it....yep.

OK, I'm not always THIS epic fail at craft projects. This really made me laugh, becuase SOMETIMES, I really AM this fail.

Apparently I'm supposed to be more angry about what Mitt Romney does with his money than what Obama does with mine.

more angry with what Mitt Romney does with his money than what Obama does with mine.i don't think so, its time for Obama to go

10 Things 90s Kids Will Have to Explain to Their Children.  The wording on this is too hilarious to pass up, read it people.

10 Things 90s Kids Will Have To Explain To Their Children

10 Things Kids Will Have to Explain to Their Children. Seriously cracking up right now. I died over the one about Lisa Frank. -should be what GIRLS will have to explain. But still funny.

The Corruption Chronicles: Obama's Big Secrecy Big Corruption and Big Government

The Corruption Chronicles: Obama's Big Secrecy, Big Corruption, and Big Government (Paperback)

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton exposes Obama administration secrecy, secrets, and corruption by providing behind-the-scenes details of what Americas leading government watchdog has uncovered in i

very funny

WATCH: Interview With A One-Year-Old

Super Funny Interview with a One Year Old! These parents are awesome. This is seriously the funniest thing ever. so freaking precious.

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This picture is a perfect example of stereotypes. Many of us know that Martha Stewart is a convicted felon but in this case Snoop Dog looks like he's more capable of committing a crime. This just goes to show that we shouldn't judge a book by its cover.