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  • Denise Carrillo

    Carried one of this bad boys around in 4th grade. Claimed I had a cell phone, but in fact it was just a phone without a plan (no calls). Used it solely to play Snake.

  • Kelly Boshers

    good old high school games

  • Colleen Thompson

    Totally did! On my dad's. I still think that's one of the best cell phone games ever.

  • Kaity

    my dad had one of these! so old school!

  • Kelsey Callahan

    Nokia cell phone used primarily to play Snake! 90s kid!

  • Hillary Gosnell

    played snake all the time, best cell phone game!

Games, Old Schools, Bad Boys, 90S Kids, Plays Snakes, Cell Phones, My Dads, High Schools, 90 S Kids

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