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We like PS Elements! 10 Free Photoshop Tutorials Digital Scrapbooking Tutorials from 2 Peas. Cant wait to use these, just what Ive been looking for!

Add watermarks to protect your images.  (Used to do this to photos on a daily basis. Haven't in awhile, so good to know!)

Add automatic group watermarks to photos and images (tutorial

Add automatic group watermarks to your photos and images with a click. Easy way to watermark your pictures automatically with Free Watermark Software.

Photography Cheat Sheet

Fantastic Photography Cheat sheet for us non-photographer photographers from Our Fifth House - doesn't get any more dumbed down than this. Ahahaha - "Is the sun on?

10 Photoshop Filters You Should Definitely Know :: Echo Enduring Blog - A Web and Graphic Design Blog

In this post we are going to look at 10 filters that I think every Photoshop user should know. Mastering these 10 tools will certainly help become a more advanced and rounded Photoshoper. Filters include Offset, High Pass, Polar Coordinates and 7

Step 1- Select an image and open it in Adobe Photoshop. I usually use one image of my own that I want to restyle and look for a different image online. (Google images and stock photos are great sources for background” images):

I haven't checked the actual web-site as I don't use Photoshop, but I love the effect and can see me using this myself. Where I pinned it from said "How to Create a "Double Exposure" in Photoshop — Daily Epiphanie"

Free Digital Scrapbooking - Tutorials Creating a Glitter Effect in Photoshop Elements

Free Digital Scrapbooking - Tutorials Creating a Glitter Effect in Photoshop Elements - sweet and easy tutorial!

Photoshop tips and tricks! Make your good photos look great with easy screenshot tutorials to help you through the steps.

Photoshop Tips & Tricks: Adjusting Your Blog Photos to Perfection



Editing tutorial.

photoshop tutorials by night-fate on deviantART

100 Photography Tips.  *This doesn't like to, but came from

Photography - Photo tips - Welcome to ExpertPhotography’s top 100 photography tips, picked from the best tutorials of and brought together in one place, for your ease.