Meh... Magazine

Today was going great until, people.

hahaha...Great April Fools joke!

I'm not sure why this makes me laugh so hard.

Overly Manly Teddy Roosevelt. He's a boss.

April Fool's joke...I'm totally doing this to Bill today

Ohh the struggle


The Greek knew about it...

I call it the "bananus". Don't eat it!!

Haha...April Fools and Google Glasses

A comma will not do! The sentence is missing a word. I suspect the proper word would be "for". It should read, "I like cooking "for" my family and my pets." The poster, as it is, is not a good advertising venue for the company or the school.


Funny April Fool's Day Activity

Hipster Santa wants you to leave out coconut milk and a gluten-free macaroon

If companies were honest, the world would be a funnier place… I do t think the Pinterest one is right though


Good april fools joke

So funny. Reminds me of when I was on a liquid diet and Amy told her kindergarten teacher, during a healthy food discussion, that her mom drank all day long!

that happens all the time