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The Harder You Mash The Button

love the south

I laughed harder than I should have.

Better Like buttons for Facebook…yes!

Jesus is watching you


Bless your heart!

That okay, Sugah?

My friends at work got me using this one because they always use to say " I'm fixin to take my break"!


Figuras de Decoupage Cutes: Figuras para Decoupage Vintage,Retro

the pretty sweet life: sweet southern sayings




In line at the supermarket

Definitive Proof that Your Cat is Out to Get You

Love Is Like A Fart

I'm sorry but I laughed

I will always be Yours hon! Whatcha up to? I miss being together and talking for real hon this really sucks! I miss our old conversations when we could just talk about anything we wanted whether serious or random funny stuff lol. I can't wait to be with You

"I wonder if my cat thinks the delivery guy is my owner because he gives me food?" REOH ☺ (shower thoughts in pictures part 1)