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Cute & Surprising Animal Facts\ Fennec Foxes have extra-hairy feet, they act like snowboots-but for sand, making sure the fox can run faster and doesn't get burns on their little fluffy feet. Description from I searched for this on

Little Baby Fennec Fox Adorable, u can't hardly believe that an animal like this will kill, if threatened. Description from I searched for this on

"Why do you have a fox? Where do you live?" I'm not the hero who rescued an orphaned baby fox from the wild. This isn't that story. "First a history lesson. Foxes namely arctic foxes and red foxes have been bred in captivity for the sake of fur farming since the 1800s. Through this these foxes have become domesticated in a sense. If you were to release these animals into the wild they would likely die or at least struggle to adapt. By definition ranched foxes are domesticated animals as they…