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This is really neat. I wouldn't mind having a poster of this, but I can't explain why. I don't have a Disney or Princess interest, I just like it. (Although I love Alice In Wonderland, and Sleeping Beauty. Those are the only two Disney movies I personally own. Unless Up! counts, but I count it as Pixar.)

I am so happy when this nugget shows up on pinterest

It's all about the Guinness, even the Sith agree.

oh the power of shampoo and conditioner...

Superheroes Pantone

Hilarious! This happened to me... Going away cake was supposed to say 'We Will Miss You, Courtney!' They spelled my name 'Courney' :p

Is your job a bad fit for you? A German online recruitment agency aimed to break people out and help find their perfect job through this advertising campaign., a German online recruiter, ran these ads. The agency Scholz & Friends, Berlin, came up with the slogan, “Life’s too short for the wrong job”, and concept of the campaign, using the idea that there are people behind these machines that are awkwardly hard at work in cramped spaces.

The Ab-hancer! Who needs to diet or do crunches or sit ups?

though i think the princesses might be well uncomfortable, sleeping beauty cold as she sleeps, jasmine hot as she plays with her tiger, ariel heavy as she swims, mulan cold and disgraced from her family

I thought I'd put this in this section, though some of these are both books AND movies. Either way, still cool.