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Virgo's Compatibility

Virgo. The only 'Keep Calm' allowed on my page.....

People who whine! Esp those who do it unnecessarily; those who pretend they are incapable, when the moon and his mother know they can! Stop moaning & get on with the job!

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Virgo - Generally, a Virgo doesn't feel the need to be in charge unless they feel something is being done poorly or wrong. Yes! If you want it done well, ask a Virgo.

not sure about logical or organized because I can be a bit scatterbrained, but other than that I'd say these describe me pretty well

No wonder!!! My soulmate will straighten me out on this because I always want to help others even when I know I should turn my back on them!! Don't call me a pushover though, because you will see the heartless side!! I know when I'm being used but my karma is good!!!

VERY TRUE. I'm just sayin. I can't forgive someone unless they can take ownership but in return I always take ownership of my wrongs. You can't move forward unless you first mend.

I'm definitely not quiet! But when it's actually time to speak up....mi have a hard time. My words just don't come out right!

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This is how I always felt after busting my tail at certain jobs. *cough* Tavern *cough*