I didnt do it - I didnt DO it!! funny-stuff http://www.lifepopularclothing.com/jack-juniors-auburn-tank-top.html

Mr. Milo always pulls this b.s.

How dare they lol

Why didn't I think of that!;)

So funny!

funny dog shaming pictures

Oh dear. That is so Bo...

how my dog better be

Funny Animal Pictures

Looks like Benson, Ashley Miller!!!

Typical dog "innocent when busted" look.

holy crap, I laughed too hard at these!!!

Haha. I know this face!

I know some dogs that would LOVE to do this!

Pug love.

Dug up the garden...


GeoCrafts Ring Doorbell - 30" x 18". Ring Doorbell and Run! Dog needs exercise. Hahahaha

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