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66 things to feel grateful for in your everyday life.

Pucker Up! { How 15 Seconds a Day Can Change Your Marriage }. We do this and they gross out. But it's really doing them a favor. Showing them they have loving parents shows them how to be wonderful spouses.

Things to learn from Miranda Lambert... 12 is my favorite :)

Love Is...

love is...being kissed when you least expect it.

Love Is...when things start sizzling!

Love is...when he does things without being asked..

favorite thing to do

Simple things

Love is... When home with your man is the best thing in the world.

Love Is... the little things he does for you.

Love Is... still being able to do your own thing.

Love is....made up of so many little things..

And this right here is why I love wrap porches & country views!

Love Is... waking up and seeing him next to you.

...when he does things without having to be asked.

Love is comics by Kim

love is... angry love is... letting her get it off her chest love is... taking out your anger on him.

love is... not letting him go to work without a kiss...

...scraching her back before she falls asleep.

Love Is Comics | Love Is ... (October 13, 2009) Comic Strip |

Love Is Cartoons By Kim | 50 Cute "Love Is" Comics by Kim Casali

Love is comics by Kim

had the copy book for school and would always go over the book cover with a pencil and make pictures for my mother, she still has one.;;;lol

Love is the sparkle he puts in your life! -- WW44 *W/Linky* ~ the perfect line