Book Reviews with a difference! Kids design a T-shirt to represent their book and then have to pitch the book to their classmates without giving away the ending.

Mint Tin Book Report: A fun, "little" twist on the traditional book report.

Biography Reports

Create a wonder wall for students to update or add their thinking

Literacy Fair--Instead of having students put on only a science fair, they can have a classroom book fair. The students can incorporate plots, characters, opinions, and instruct their peers where to get the book. The students have fun sharing their ideas and other students are engaged to read their friend's books.

WHAT GOOD READERS DO. Ms. Third Grade: anchor chart

Cereal Box Book Reports... Cute idea! :) (Quick, easy-to-read description provided!)

Reading fair - like a science fair, but with books! I would love to do this for a book report type project when we study the components of stories (plote, theme, setting, conflict, etc.)!

Book Reports

Cereal Box Book Report - My son had to do a book report with very little instruction. One of the choices was a Cereal Box Book Report (with no instructions). We modeled it after this. It came out great. I should post a picture of ours.

Word family eggs... I like this a lot!

This 4D triorama could be used for book reports, story sequencing, science projects, geography studies, other SOSE topics or anything else you can think of!

I like how this third grade teacher does quick and easy book reports each month (or couple of months) with a theme.

Cool way to make a book

A Picture Book That Pushes the Growth Mindset via twowritingteachers #Books #Kids #Mindset

online chapter book lessons/prompts for LOTS of books!

Ice buckets for books?

Flip Book Projects

Book Trailers...

LOVE THIS!!! This teacher holds a "reading raffle" and students enter their tickets in the bins with the book they most want to win. :} Tickets earned through behavior and responsibility... Hold the raffle once a month...