Book Reviews with a difference! Kids design a T-shirt to represent their book and then have to pitch the book to their classmates without giving away the ending.

Book page poetry is really neat and a great way to show creativity with older kids

Cereal Box Book Reports... Cute idea! :) (Quick, easy-to-read description provided!)

Mint Tin Book Report: A fun, "little" twist on the traditional book report.

This 4D triorama could be used for book reports, story sequencing, science projects, geography studies, other SOSE topics or anything else you can think of!

Literacy Fair--Instead of having students put on only a science fair, they can have a classroom book fair. The students can incorporate plots, characters, opinions, and instruct their peers where to get the book. The students have fun sharing their ideas and other students are engaged to read their friend's books.

LOTS of great foldables!

Biography Reports

Love this! It's always the same kids...this makes them more accountable and they can SEE how often they don't do it!!!

Books • Little Monkey Calms Down

Books for Boys!

There are kids in every class who no one wants as a partner during work time or is socially isolated. Sometimes the reason behind the exclusion often has to do with the child's negative behavior towards others. This story is perfect to address this problem.

WHAT GOOD READERS DO. Ms. Third Grade: anchor chart

Readbox: such a cool idea for book reports instead of having students write something. And the QR codes make it interesting for the rest of the class ... definitely have to think about using this.

Writing Groups: Independent Writing & Partner Writing - 3rd Grade Thoughts

Pinner said: After my students write a piece I have them leave it on their desks when they go to lunch or special area classes. I place a Skittle on each correct punctuation mark (and I usually put one or two one if they indent a paragraph). Let me tell you, Skittles are the great motivator!

LOVE IT!! ->Do your students read the same genre over and over? Then try Reading "Musical" Chairs -- Come check it out at the blog! {Make sure to read the comments once you get there, as some new ideas have been posted!} #teaching #reading #genres #game #classroom #language #arts

Sub Tub Ideas Looks like a lot of work in the beginning, but would save a lot of time in the future.

Great for teaching Characterization in reading unit. Have students create words about themselves with silhouettes or portraits!

Just like my and my brother... : tout comme mon père, moi et mon frère... ; Back to Nature Books. A father and his sons reading in the outdoors. Circa 1910.

Great for a first day get acquainted activity! I love this!