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Scenic Meadow - or underground floor-to-ceiling windows?

Rug Placement Tips | Design by Numbers What an adorable little guide!

underground homes - Bing Images

Victorian Architecture. Need I say more? Oh what I would give to live in this castle of a house <3

"Hobbit" house

I LOVE this, if I was to ever consider a Tiny House on permanent foundations, I would be doing one like this... - To connect with us, and our community of people from Australia and around the world, learning how to live large in small places, visit us at www.Facebook.com/TinyHousesAustralia or at www.tumblr.com/blog/tinyhousesaustralia

Underground homes!

Earthen Home - Maybe?

Underground homes

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Interesting Underground Homes

A Solar Cabin in Two Weeks for $2,000 - Green Homes - MOTHER EARTH NEWS

underground homes - Bing Images

Underground Homes

ECO HOME: Building House With COB

IN THE BOX | Container Home | Connex | Weekend retreat from scavenged supplies. Firm: Hunter Leggitt Studio. Project: House. Location: Lake Isabella, California. Photography courtesy of Hunter Leggitt Studio.

idea for our home

Project | ASK arkitektar. Awesome. Probably stays cool on it's own and a lot of other cool benefits.