halloween decor

mason jars

HALLOWEEN - Halloween Decor Lantern: Spooky Glam Lantern with Spiders. Great way to decorate the outside of the house.


Spider Nests - Stuffed white stockings with plastic spiders. Neat idea!

Trash bag spider webs

Halloween plates!

"Spider egg sac with pulse light and air wigglers at entrance. ----The kids had to reach in to get candy that year" hahah genius idea

#Halloween Crafts - Make this Swarming Spider Tablecloth - be the hit of your dinner party! eclecticallyvintage.com

Idea for putting a cloak on the skeleton

Spiderweb Tree

snakes from Dollar Tree in a jar!

halloween party decorations

Halloween party craft

Old doll heads & toy skeleton hands in jars filled with green water. Creepy Halloween party decor + don't forget to add a waterproof LED light to make it glow, EXTRA haunting OMG: http://www.flashingblinkylights.com/ledsubmersiblecraftlights-c-114_462.html

Spider Hatchlings

fun crafts for halloween!