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Daisy ~ chocolate lab puppy ♡ Pet photography | Dog | Labrador Retriever | Portrait

Stop! Oh my! THIS is why i NEED a lab!

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I will forever miss my Mingus, but the next pup is a Weimaraner for sure

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chocolate lab puppy cuteness: gonna wake up to this everyday soooon!!!

When I'm ready to make a will be to chocolate lab. ♡

I want to adopt a chocolate lab puppy so bad! I'm seriously counting down until I don't live in a student apartment anymore and I can have a puppy :)

The Golden Retriever - one of America's favorite breeds, was originally bred to retrieve shot waterfowl for their hunting master. Still a modern day working gundog, the Golden comes in many shades from pale gold to a deep Irish red. Golden's also excel as therapy dogs, and search and rescue dogs. A loving and deeply loyal family dog, the Golden Retriever, deserves is place amongst our favorites.