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The Chinese government has little regard for most wildlife in the world. However, until 1997, if you harmed a giant panda bear, you would have been executed. Now, the penalty is 10 years in prison. #panda #China #bear

Always jump on the chance to take Christmas card pictures when we have early snows, as we don't always have snow at Christmastime.

Special Pinterest Collection - tmophoto Landscape and night photography by Thomas O'Brien

I'm so not ready for winter yet, but I have to admit, this is gorgeous.

If you think positively, then Sound becomes Music, Movement becomes Dance, Smile becomes Laughter, Mind becomes Meditation, And Life becomes Celebration!

“Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road.” ― Jack Kerouac, On the Road

ethereal Photo by Matt Claghorn...found here....

A Beautiful, Classic Christmas!!! Oh my gosh! My favorite things combined!! I just LOVE lamposts and with the red and snow..YES!

snow bunny, God created him so beautiful and with the exact qualities he needs to live in his habitat. For example the perfect camouflage he has.

snow makes everything more beautiful

Fill a large apothecary jar with plastic snow and put a small cottage ornament on top and decorate it with trees and more snow. Pretty DIY for the holidays!