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Moonlight surf


NOTHING is more beautiful than a starry night in the desert. #outdoors #night #stars #camping #1816 #remington #photography



As I come conscious again I feel a kiss placed on my hand, then a voice. "Come on Claire, I know you're there. You can wake up. For me? I know you probably can't hear me, but I am going to say this anyways. I love you." My eyes begin to flutter then I see a bright light and a boy with dark brown hair standing above me, his blue eyes now full of joy. "W- who are you?" I can sense his heart drop and the color drains from his eyes. < Whoah whoah whoah..... Oh my gosh... Gah, the feels. DX

Thomas Dworzak | clap | dance | music | expression | black white | silence | happiness | freedom | movement | tradition |


these are a few of my favorite things

Disney movies:)


sailing wind direction terms- I needed this!

Sailing Terms - definitions to 1000's of sailing terms

.. wanderlust ..


Santa Monica Art Print

Beach life

cutting the wave

The Perfect Wave

summer picture idea