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    What I learned convinced me that this is an amazing product. I believe that this nutritive tanning serum can be used to help to achieve a beautiful bronze color. At first, I wondered why so many were so happy with this product. But now I know having experienced results myself. I am a Latina and this tanning oil makes my skin looks bronze, I get the perfect brown color, I am impressive with the results!

    Haaaa. Wish I could inconspicuously send this to a select few people...

    Call me old fashioned, but I think shorts should be longer than your vagina.

    looks like me

    We'll have this conversation again after you've changed out of your sassy pants. | eCards



    A pet peeve



    omg i HATE when people say the wrong thing


    Quotes About Liars and Backstabbers | Even though you're a lying, hypocritical, manipulative, backstabbing ...

    Haha! This is excellent.

    For real