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8 Trash-Into-Treasure Garden DIYs You've Got to Try

Bottle Drip Irrigation - good idea for the tomatoes! Bottle Drip Irrigation - good idea for the tomatoes! Bottle Drip Irrigation - good idea for the tomatoes!

Great for tomatoes

Gardening Tip- Easy way to reach the roots of a Container plant, poke holes in a water bottle or soda bottle, bury between a couple seedlings and water as needed. by krista

Neste vídeo você vai poder ver um tipo de irrigação muito sensível e econômica: a irrigação a gotas solares. O objetivo é fornecer um sistema eficiente e simples de instalar, que favoreça o…

Water is a precious resource and is becoming increasingly rare, which is why not wasting it has become a priority which no one can afford to ignore.


Check out this super easy Raised bed garden design! And you can put little flowers in the cinder block holes as a cute, colorful border too! I'm definitely going to be doing this for my vegetable garden this spring! This design is using 10 cinder blocks

7 Tips and Tricks to Growing Strawberries. Great ideas and tips for DIY and home gardeners for cultivating the best strawberries!

7 Simple Tips to Growing Strawberries: One tip if planting in a garden bed, choose a space that has not grown tomatoes, peppers, or eggplant within the last three years.

DIY Passo a Passo: Mini-cisterna feita com barril |

- DIY Passo a Passo: Mini-cisterna feita com barril

How to make your own rain barrel watering system-- easy and inexpensive! Use our Hawkeye container! Would make my gardening much easy and better for the environment and my water bill

DIY Plastic Bottle Shovel Idea | Creative Ideas

Did IT using a vinegar bottle! NO more torn Solo cups for a dog food scoop! DIY: Milk Jug Scoop For The Garden.make your own from an empty milk jug!

9 Upcycled Seed Starters // #recycling #gardening #plants #greenthumb #seeds #flowers #vegetables #garden #goodful

9 Upcycled Seed Starters // #recycling #gardening #plants #greenthumb #seeds #flowers #vegetables #garden #goodful

DIY Wine Bottle Plant Irrigator

Lord knows I have plenty of wine bottles around me. How to Make a Wine Bottle Plant Waterer (DIY Irrigator)

Regador de garrafa plástica

100 Reciclagens super úteis que Você pode fazer em Casa com Ideias Simples

Milk Jug Watering Can. My kids are always losing cups to water things outside. This is a simple solution, why didn't I think of it.