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As if a one-headed poisonous snake wasn& scary enough: Conjoined twins snake king cobra. This snake was found at a temple in Karnataka. Looks like a creature from mythology .This condition, in which animals or humans, have more than one head called p

+ 100 Extrañas fotos antiguas [Megapost].

+ 100 Extrañas fotos antiguas [Megapost].

Little girl and her goat having a giggle! Photo by Alexis Perevoschikov

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Mountain Goats Facts and Information about Mountain Goat. Mountain Goat Description, Behavior, Reproduction, Mountain Goat threats and more!

WOW! A 22-foot, 2,500 pound alligator found in the Niger River in Africa. No wonder they were losing Villagers so often!

22 foot - 2500 pound Crocodile The people in a village on the Niger River in Africa were losing fellow villagers at such a rapid rate, that they had to call in the Army to hunt down the culprit. A 22 foot, 2500 pound Crocodile

The fin whale (Balaenoptera physalus), also called the finback whale, razorback, or common rorqual, is a marine mammal belonging to the suborder of baleen whales. It is the second-largest animal after the blue whale.

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22 crazy photos showing that mountain goats are ridiculously brave