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How to Remove Red Wine Stains From Fabric

by eHow Contributor
How to Remove Red Wine Stains From Fabric. There are some stains you hardly have to worry about right away and then there are those that need to be taken care of right away. Red wine stains would be in the latter category. From painstakingly washing the fabric by hand to simply tossing it into the w...

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To make your own, you just need water, washing soda (note that you can also use baking soda) and hydrogen peroxide. Just mix equal parts of peroxide and washing soda with a double part of water. For instance, mix 1 cup of water with ½ cups each of washing soda and peroxide.

The only spot remover you will ever need! One part Dawn dishwashing liquid to two parts Hydrogen Peroxide. Check out the article!


clean with vinegar lemon baking soda salt hydrogen peroxide and dawn

cleaning tile grout with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda.

Hydrogen peroxide uses

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For spot cleaning, mix hydrogen peroxide and baking soda together until they have a paste-like consistency and then apply it to the area you want cleaned/whitened. Scrub it into the fabric with a sponge or cloth, then rinse with water once it's cleaned. For INTENSIVE cleaning action, mix 1 baking soda with 3 parts hydrogen peroxide (enough to cover the article

"2 part hydrogen peroxide to 1 part Dawn (original blue) will take the stains out of almost ANYTHING...even if they're old stains! // Mix in a spray bottle and use as a stain remover spray." - will have to try.

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