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haha so true

Yes totally. Like we will laugh so loud and people are just like, "Are you okay?" And we just look at each other like, "You wouldn't get it.


I'm not nosy, I just want to be informed about everything. Everything

I agree with all except the candy corn which i find delicious and will continue to eat :)

only ones not true for me are Oreos, candy corn, and Chinese food. Oreos I will literally split it open then eat it. Candy corn I will eat each color in one bite ( 3 bites ). I just eat some till full and eat it again the next day.


"There's no Netflix in prison." --- 27 Texts You'd Only Get From Your Best Friend

Hate when that happens

I HATE that feeling. Or when your heart rate goes down and you're like "omg! IM HAVING A HEART ATTACK!" And you freak yourself out so much that you fully wake up and then you realize you were just falling asleep.


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All thru high school

Best friend yep :-) When my friend doesn't come to school Love LOTR

I seriously just cried from laughing so hard

As a female, YES.