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When someone is doing something they shouldn't be, instead of calling them out, ring the bell and draw attention to someone who WAS on task. (She gives a tally.) Makes everyone aware they are being watched without hurting feelings.

Neat Idea! One student is selected to be the "Ask Me" person (to help students who need assistance) while the teacher works with small groups-no disruptions for the teacher!!! Also a great idea for work - you are the one on call - put it on :) and the others get to work in peace

By occupying senses in the wearer that are not required for the task at hand, they provide the right balance of sensory-motor stimulation that allows the individual to focus on their task

Smart idea - I used this touch light during small reading groups, when the light is on students cannot approach me or interrupt. When the light is off they can ask questions which is usually when I transition between groups. My kids loved it and it was only $1 at the dollar tree! @Connie