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  • Kelsey Annas

    so true... math problems are rather unrealistic

  • Lydia Goris

    i hate math. so true.

  • Dora Henson

    truth ! like really READ the word problem next time & you'll notice how unrealistic they are

  • Alaina

    I wondered why, and drove my math teachers nuts.

  • Misty Shadd

    Haha this made me laugh out loud! This is what I always thought when doing math homework!

  • Brittany Crouch

    so true! where do they come up with these word problems sometimes??

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this brings back memories of calculus class..

I understood math when I was in school, but this new math they are teaching our kids is incomprehensible!!!!

Seriously, every time I see this I laugh out loud!

Math... Grow up & solve your own problems

Math Tip <-- the last tip sums up my feelings for this "that's great and all if you know how to subtract things from 100" There's a reason I didn't take ap calculus.

I died .. and felt slightly ashamed at my lack of mathematical skills

Is this what my teacher meant when she said we'd use math in life?

ready to legit kill someone and i'm not even done with week one of my math class.. I loathe math.

I have been sick off and on for 2 months and don't get a day to rest. My husband has had it for 2 days and called into work. Haha